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About Our Company

Headquartered in Burnsville, North Carolina, Burnsville Blind Company is a leading provider of custom-made window fashions. For more than 20 years, we have been making a big difference at the window and in homes across the Southeast.

Our ProductsAll of our window fashions are designed and custom-assembled in the U.S. Our longstanding commitment to quality and innovation means you'll enjoy choices at Burnsville Blind Company that you won't find anywhere else. Burnsville Blind Company products are unique. Each unit that we provide is truly one of a kind - custom made just for you in a North American facility. To insure that your experience with Burnsville Blind Company is the very best it can be, we work with each customer to insure the perfect solution is found. Expert in-home measuring and installation services are provided.

Burnsville Blind Company offers great window fashion designs for every room in your home

Living RoomLiving Room
For many of us, the centerpiece of our living room is the beautiful view.  But with that view often comes an abundance of sun.  Window treatments are essential for blocking the UV rays that can damage furnishings and overheat spaces. If your living room has an entertainment center, look for window treatments with glare-controlling or room-darkening properties.

As with all rooms, light control is essential in the kitchen – and so is ventilation. Look for window treatments that allow cooling breezes to enter while providing varying degrees of privacy. If you cook frequently, be sure that the window fashion materials you select stand up to heat and humidity and are easy to clean.

Dining RoomDining Room
In the dining room you want window treatments that provide privacy, soft illumination, and a touch of elegance for entertaining. Look for window fashions that offer you the ability to control the natural light coming into your room without blocking it completely.

For a bedroom, you want a window fashion that provides a high degree of privacy and light control. If you like to sleep in very dark rooms, look for window treatments with a room-darkening fabric as well as an overall design that eliminates light gaps, seams, and rout holes.

Clearly your first priority in the bathroom is privacy, but these window treatments also need to withstand near-constant humidity. For an area near a tub, shower, or spa, look for materials that won’t warp, crack, or mildew. Shades that open from the top down are also a wise choice because they let natural light in yet still provide privacy.

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